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Released in 2014 by House of Grace Films

A fantasy film with a serious message, this movie takes you inside the inner man. A tragic event shatters a man affecting his job and marriage, thus waging a war within his soul. Six members, namely; Mind, Memory, Emotion, Will, Conscience, and Heart, all battle each other for control. Who is going to win? Where is the victory? A quality production with a complex script and many special visual effects, this heavy drama gives the true call that every person needs to do in life: surrender to Christ.

  • Cast: Brett Varvel, Rebecca Reid
  • Writers: Gary Varvel, Brett Varvel
  • Producer: Tim Boling
  • Director: Brett Varvel
  • Extra features: The Making of the War Within
  • 92 Minutes, Drama
  • Licensed for home use.
  • Guide home and public use