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The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry - DVD

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry - DVD

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Released in 2009 by Five & Two Pictures
in association with Christiano Film Group

Dustin and his two best buddies are twelve year-olds looking forward to a summer of fun in 1970. When Dustin mows the lawn of seventy-five year old Jonathan Sperry, a man he has seen at church, a unique friendship develops. What happens the rest of this summer is something Dustin and his friends will never forget. A high quality production with a great cast and message!

  • Cast: Gavin MacLeod, Jansen Panettiere, Robert Guillaume
  • Writers: Rich Christiano, Dave Christiano
  • Producers: Rich Christiano, Chad Gundersen
  • Director: Rich Christiano
  • 96 Minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
  • Several Bonus Features on the DVD: Two Behind the Scenes Documentaries, Director / Actor commentary, Spanish Language
  • Licensed for home use. Click here for Public License.
  • Guide to home and public use