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Crime Of The Age - Church Rental

Crime Of The Age - Church Rental

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The cost to rent this movie is $25. This is for a one time showing at a single event regardless of the number of people in attendance. The Rental Price does not include the DVD.

Produced by the Christiano Brothers

Bible camp starts in two days and the Director has a problem. His How to Become a Christian was stolen and he doesn't know who took it. He calls in a Detective to solve the case. There are only six staff members in the camp and each of them is a suspect. The Detective determines one of them took the book and reasons they did so because one of them is not a Christian. Oh no! But which one is it? Is it the Lifeguard, the Nurse, the Cook, the Coach, the Secretary, or the Groundskeeper? It's up to the Detective, and you to solve the mystery in this comedy-drama about the important elements of the Christian life.

Cast: Keith Salter, Mike Smith
Writers, Producers: Dave Christiano, Rich Christiano
Director: Dave Christiano
32 Minutes, Drama