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CVLI church video license

Listed below are the movies distributed by that fall under the CVLI church video license.  If your church has this license, you can have public showings of any of these movies:

Love Note (Ken Anderson Films)

Senior Year (Ken Anderson Films)

Step Over The Edge (Ken Anderson Films)

In His Steps (Ken Anderson Films)

Fanny Crosby (Ken Anderson Films)

Hudson Taylor (Ken Anderson Films)

Pilgrim's Progress (Ken Anderson Films)

Christiana (Ken Anderson Films)

Late One Night (Dave Christiano Films)

Pamela's Prayer (Dave Christiano Films)

Me & You Us Forever (Dave Christiano Films)

The Pretender (Christiano Brothers Films)

Crime of the Age (Christiano Brothers Films)

The Daylight Zone (Christiano Brothers Films)

Deadly Choice (Evangelical Films)

Music Box (White Lion Pictograph)

7th Street Theater (Dave Christiano Films)