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Princess Cut 3: Beauty From Ashes

Princess Cut 3: Beauty From Ashes

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Princess Cut 3: Beauty from Ashes - DVD
Life is tough for overworked single mother Tessa Rigsby. When a domestic fight breaks out at a neighbor's apartment, she intervenes. Rookie cop Mike Coleman arrives and handles the situation, asking her to testify against the abuser. Mike and Tessa develop an unexpected friendship that blossoms into a relationship of love and support, but when the assailant she testified against is released from prison, Tessa’s safety is in question and Mike must defend her. 

Cast: Kate MacCallum, Ben Davies, Kendra Carelli, Brett Varvel
Writer: D. B. Hansen
Producers: Paul Munger and Sheilah Munger
Director: Sheilah Munger
104 Minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
Licensed for home use. Contact us for Public License.