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MindReader - DVD

MindReader - DVD

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MINDREADER - A Rich Christiano Film
"It was the one act they wouldn't believe." The year is 1974 and The Great Dexter is the closing act in a variety show at The Temple Theatre. His amazing mind reading act fools everyone, including the local magicians’ association. As Dexter’s popularity grows, so does the association’s jealousy as they try to shut his act down and figure out how it’s done.  

Cast: Hamish Briggs, Roland Rusinek, Ross Turner, Connor Keene
Producers: Rich Christiano and Miles Doleac
Writer-Director: Rich Christiano
81 Minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
Licensed for home use.
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Some comments from viewers...

"This is a very powerful evangelistic movie! Thank you for always presenting the gospel in your movies and keep up the good work!" --Timothy, Virginia

"I thought the movie was extremely creative and unique. It definitely encouraged me to share my faith!" --Christine, Canada

"All I can say is well done. I pray that God will use this to see many saved." --Richard, Texas

"I was completely engrossed in the story and I pray that the Lord will use this movie to show many people their need to accept Jesus Christ by the clear presentation of the gospel." --Beth, Alabama