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behind the sun movie dvd

Behind The Sun - DVD

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Released in 1995 by Open Doors International

This extremely well produced dramatic film follows the story of Samir Majan, a young man born and raised a Muslim in the Middle East who attended college in America. After receiving a degree from a university in Chicago, he begins his trip back home to see his family. But something has drastically changed in the young man's life since coming to the States. As his welcoming committee awaits his arrival, the young man's fear and concern is overwhelming. Samir knows trouble and persecution lie ahead because he has done the unthinkable. Samir has become....a Christian. This is one of the best Christian films ever made and we highly recommend it.

  • No credits listed on this movie.
  • Extra feature: Spanish Language
  • 50 Minutes, Drama
  • Licensed for home use. Public license from CVLI.
  • Guide to public use and group showings