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Heaven's War, Power Of The Air, Late One Night - DVD - 3 Pack

Heaven's War, Power Of The Air, Late One Night - DVD - 3 Pack

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Get these 3 evangelistic movies!

Heaven's War - DVD - Produced by DRC Productions
Trapped between worlds, US senator Jonah Thomas is forced into an epic battle fought somewhere between life and death, heaven and hell. While government agents and terrorists fight for his life in one world, angels and demons wage war for his soul in another. Will he learn the truth and find his way home before it’s too late?

Power Of The Air - DVD - Produced by Dave Christiano Films
A Missionary from Africa comes to the United States and shares with a concerned Christian how he feels the church in America is being deceived and in great danger. The Christian is very convicted by what he hears, makes a significant change in his life, and then sets forth a plan to reach his city with the gospel. He faces unexpected challenges, costs and struggles to execute his idea, plus the uncertainty of knowing if his effort will produce any results. This movie is about the power of Hollywood and the media, and how it affects your life.

Late One Night - DVD - Produced by Dave Christiano Films
Three factory workers make their routine stop at a diner late one night. Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter. One of the workers, an antagonist named Larry, tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn't respond. Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian. What follows is an intense drama about the most important issue in life...and eternity.