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the box evolution solution documentary movie dvd pack

Creation vs. Evolution - 2 Episode DVD pack

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Released in 2012 by Dave Christiano Films

These two special episodes from Season Three of the series 7th Street Theater entitled THE BOX and EVOLUTION SOLUTION deal with the subject of creation versus evolution.

In THE BOX, Rudy finds a mysterious box sitting on the table one morning and none of the cast members know whose it is or how it got there. Puzzled by this, they try to solve the mystery.

In EVOLUTION SOLUTION, Travis meets up with an old classmate who has since become an atheist and evolutionist. The classmate tells Travis he plans to attend their upcoming show for a good laugh. With this fuel for fire, the cast prepares a special show on the subject of creation versus evolution.

  • Cast: Hugh McLean, Johanna Jowett, Shane Willimon
    Bryan Gallagher, Shayne Kohout, Jack Kelly
  • Writer, Producer, Director: Dave Christiano
  • The Box - 27 minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
  • Evolution Solution - 21 minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
  • Licensed for home use. Public license from CVLI.
  • Guide to home and public use.