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Test of Faith Movie DVD

Test of Faith - Church Rental

Released in 1987 by Olive's Film Productions

A Christian young man, Taylor Mitchell, attends college and has to battle with an atheistic Professor over the subject of God, creation, and evolution. Taylor must pass the class in order to maintain his scholarship and the Professor makes this very difficult for him. He gives the young man a special assignment that he must write in order to get a passing grade: abandon your faith or fail the class! This movie shows good character in how Taylor handles the situation.

  • Cast: Wayne Gray, David Robey
  • Writer: Douglas Davies
  • Producer: David Olive
  • Director: John Taylor
  • 55 Minutes, Drama

Rental Period: One time showing at a single event.

Rental Price - $25

The standard cost to rent this movie is $25. This is for a one time showing at a single event regardless of the number of people in attendance. The Rental Price does not include the DVD.