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Pilgrim's Progress Movie DVD

Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven - Church Rental

Released in 2008 by DRC Productions
This is a very well done adaptation of John Bunyan's famous book. Follow the character of Christian on his journey to find the truth about heaven and experience the encounters he meets along the way. This allegory has very good truth presented and has the right message for anyone who wants to understand more about the real Christian life journey.

  • Cast: Dan Kruse, Hugh McLean, Jeremiah Geulzo
  • Writer, Producer, Director: Danny Carrales
  • 103 Minutes, Drama

Rental Period: One time showing at a single event.

Rental Price - $100

The standard cost to rent this movie is $100. This is for a one time showing at a single event regardless of the number of people in attendance. The Rental Price does not include the DVD.