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Love Note Movie DVD

Love Note - Church Rental

Released in 1987 by Ken Anderson Films
One of the best high school love stories ever made, Love Note follows the story of a Christian teenager named Craig who was looking for a challenge. When a new girl shows up in school, the one with an "attitude", he tries to befriend her but to no avail. Her candid remarks, rudeness, and distance pushes him away. As his curiosity about who she is grows, so does the storyline of this movie. This evangelistic drama is very well acted, heartfelt, funny, and ends well.

  • Cast: Craig Bierko, Sally Murphy
  • Writer: James Cook
  • Producer-Director: Steve Grill
  • 65 Minutes, Drama

Rental Period: One time showing at a single event.

Rental Price - $25

The standard cost to rent this movie is $25. This is for a one time showing at a single event regardless of the number of people in attendance. The Rental Price does not include the DVD.

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