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Late One Night Movie DVD
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Late One Night - DVD

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Released in 2001 by Dave Christiano Films
Three factory workers make their routine stop at a diner late one night. Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter. One of the workers, an antagonist named Larry, tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn't respond. Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian. What follows is an intense drama about the most important issue in life...and eternity.

  • Cast: Brad Heller, Josh Gaffga, Hugh McLean
  • Writer, Producer, Director: Dave Christiano
  • Extra feature: Spanish Language, An interview with
    Josh Gaffga, Hugh McLean, and Dave Christiano
  • 33 Minutes, Drama
  • Licensed for home use. Public license from CVLI.
    If you do not have CVLI, click here for Public License
  • Guide to public use and group showings

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Late One Night 7 Pack

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Late One Night 7 pack
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Late One Night 100 Pack

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Late One Night 100 Pack
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