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Jackson's Run Movie DVD
Retail Price: $14.99
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Jackson's Run - DVD

Released in 2014 by New Providence Entertainment
Jackson is a troubled teen coming from a broken home who is trying to find purpose and meaning in life. Rusty Martin (from "Courageous") plays the lead role in this movie as a typical teenager who lives in the world and partakes in what it has to offer. But when he gets in trouble, he is sentenced to a mission group run by a man who tries to point him in a new direction. There is one scene in this film where the group leader gives an example of the choices the two thieves on the cross made about Christ. It's a good scene that has heart and brings it all in proper focus.

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  • Cast: Rusty Martin, TC Stallings
  • Writers: Chris Robinson, Dan Lennox
  • Producers: Clif White, Ollie Ballew
  • Director: Dan Lennox
  • Extra features: Several Behind the Scenes Features
  • 85 Minutes, Drama
  • Licensed for home use. Click here for Public License.

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