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The Crossing Movie DVD

The Crossing - Church Rental

Released in 1994 by Creative Youth Resources

This is a visual evangelistic film about a young man who comes back from the dead to show his friend the great love of Christ and truth about the cross. This film has one great scene in it which shows what Christ did with our sins when He died. Very visual! This is a good production that is well done.

  • Cast: Kevin Downes, David White
  • Writer: Bill Muir
  • Producers: John Schmidt, Bill Muir
  • Director: John Schmidt
  • 31 Minutes, Drama

Rental Period: One time showing at a single event.

Rental Price - $25

The standard cost to rent this movie is $25. This is for a one time showing at a single event regardless of the number of people in attendance. The Rental Price does not include the DVD.

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