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Public Church Rentals & Group Showings

"A Christ-centered film could be the most powerful ministry tool available to the church." is an authorized distributor to grant licenses to show selected Christian films in churches and public settings. Please find listed below the films available for rental.

We encourage you or your church to show Christ-centered films on a regular basis. The impact and ministry of films with a message for Christ is far reaching!

Feature Length Films For Rental

Shorter Length Films For Rental

The standard cost for rental of these shorter length films is $25 regardless of audience size.

7th Street Theater Episodes For Rental

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by a "Christ-centered film"?

A movie that has a direct message for Jesus Christ for either evangelism or Christian living. It's a film that has the presence and name of Christ in it.

Can we charge admission at the event?

Admission can not be charged at a public showing. If you are interested in charging admission for a showing of any movie, an agreement must be worked out prior to your showing.