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7th Street Theater: Season Two Movie DVD

7th Street Theater: Season Two -
Church Rental

All 20 episodes in Season Two of 7th Street Theater are on 4 DVDs in this box set. This series deals with a variety of lessons and issues all pertaining to the Christian life. Topics addressed in this second season of episodes include: sensitivity to others (Episode #1), three answers to any prayer (Episode #2), evangelism (Episode #4), direction in life (Episode #5), faithfulness in marriage and prayer (Episode #6), the future and loving one another (Episode #7), judging by appearance (Episode #8), the will of God in relationships (Episode #12), marriage vows and divorce (Episode #13), honesty (Episode #14), overcoming depression (Episode #15), racism (Episode #16), trusting God (Episode #17), perspective on money (Episode #18), selecting a mate (Episode #19), and being born again (Episode #20).

Episode 1 - A New Look
Episode 2 - The Other Side
Episode 3 - The Ticket
Episode 4 - Star Mission
Episode 5 - A Million Roads To Take
Episode 6 - The Bus Stop
Episode 7 - A Day Ahead
Episode 8 - Executive Gates
Episode 9 - The Letter
Episode 10 - The Letter (Part 2)
Episode 11 - The Letter (Part 3)
Episode 12 - The Letter (Part 4)
Episode 13 - A Sudden Change
Episode 14 - A Sudden Change (Part 2)
Episode 15 - On The Air
Episode 16 - Black and White
Episode 17 - A Postcard From Florida
Episode 18 - The Almighty
Episode 19 - The Man of My Dreams
Episode 20 - Ye Must

  • Cast: Hugh McLean, Johanna Jowett, Stacey J. Aswad,
    Shane Willimon, Mark Scarboro, Jack Kelly,
    Cody Harding, Terry Loughlin
  • Guest Actors: Bryan Gallagher, Shayne Kohout
  • Writer-Producer-Director: Dave Christiano
  • Each episode is around 25 minutes

Rental Period: The license is for one year. The church or group renting this series can show any of the episodes in Season Two an unlimited numbers of times during this period. This is for one church or institution.

Rental Price - $100

The standard cost to rent this set of dvds is $100. This is for unlimited showings at a single church or institution for a period of one year from the date of purchasing the license. The Rental Price does not include cost of the DVDs.

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